Wheaton, Minnesota 56296


Minnesota + North Dakota + South Dakota

Wheaton can be found where Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota meet, and is centrally located to experience the unique geography of the Red River Valley, Continental Divide, and long-melted glacial Lake Agassiz. 


Not just agriculture!

Although many of Wheaton’s jobs are agricultural, the town hosts countless successful, entrepreneurial ventures.  The Wheaton Economic Development Authority supports both large and small businesses, and is currently promoting the manufacturing industry through the availability of large, functional buildings to lease or purchase. 


Close to Lake Traverse!

Wheaton offers walleye fishing, goose, pheasant, duck, and deer hunting – and, more recently, turkey and coyote.  Blogger Ivars Krafts has captured awesome pictures of the wildlife outside of Wheaton, featured on his blog. 


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The City of Wheaton is an equal opportunity service provider and employer.  Address: PO Box 868, 104 9th St N, Wheaton, MN  56296.  Telephone:  320-563-4110.  Fax:  320-563-4823.  Email:  cityhall@cityofwheaton.com 

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